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Eveline Mate

Certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor Reformer
Certified Matwork Instructor


Eveline studied classical music specialising as a Flute player. It was during her Masters of Music degree at the University of Toronto that she discovered Pilates.

Struggling with pain in the lower back and shoulders that came from the demands of practising her instrument, Eveline was searching for ways to improve her posture and strengthen her muscles. Pilates provided this, as well as many other benefits. Later on Eveline decided to become a Pilates instructor so she could help other musicians struggling with similar pains.

In 2019 Eveline did her Mat and Reformer training in Toronto. Then, after a couple of years of maternity leave and relocating her family to Berlin she chose to further her education and do the STOTT PILATES Intensive Reformer course in the German Capital in 2023.


In addition to training musicians she also works with pre- and post-natal clients, and anyone who wants to improve their functional mobility by doing Pilates.

As a musician Eveline learned that your body is your main instrument and you have to take the best care of it first.

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