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Reformer Pilates is a complete full body system workout that offers a variety of strengthening and stretching exercises using the most popular and well known Pilates apparatus: the Reformer.

This workout is different from Matwork as it uses springs for assistance and resistance to provide support for difficult exercises, which enables targeted and accurate working of specific muscle groups.



In Matwork classes exercises are mostly performed lying down on the mat, using small pieces of equipment and Pilates props such as soft balls, fitness circles and bands to promote body toning, and improve posture, alignment, and strength.

The aim of this workout is typically to strengthen and lengthen the form by focusing particularly on your core muscles.



The Cardio Tramp is a dynamic low-impact cardio workout performed on the Reformer.

The Cardio Tramp provides a resilient landing surface for functional and fun rebounding activity, increasing workout potential for all exercises - from post-rehab to elite athletes - and always ensures a joint-friendly impact.

Cardio Tramp classes require previous experience with the Reformer.



The Stability Chair is a multifunctional Pilates machine used for upper and lower body strength and conditioning, enhancing stability and improving body control.

Chair classes provide a full-body workout while rebalancing muscles.Other than facilitating high-performance exercises for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, the chair is also ideal for rehab clients or those who need to stay in a seated or upright position.



This unique class combines Matwork essential repertoire with spring resistance based Tower exercises. In this versatile activity individuals can perform three-dimensional movements, which provide them with enhanced mobility, fitness and improved performance. In one session, you can touch on all aspects of fitness training, including balance, coordination, core strength and flexibility without ever leaving the mat surface.

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