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Certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor Matwork/ Reformer

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Kay studied finance and journalism in Cyprus and Athens. Her experience with Pilates started by chance in 2013, when she bumped into a colleague at work who was glowing. Something had changed in her life. She asked what it was. Pilates was the answer.

Kay didn't know much about Pilates, and frankly was pretty sure it wasn't a good fit for her. Back then she never considered herself patient or focused.

Thing is, she got hooked instantly.

“Whatever I'd done quasi-religiously up to then—jogging, weights, rock climbing—was absolutely no match for the kind of holistic 'reset' I got from Pilates.”

Fast forward five years, and Kay decided to enroll in a STOTT PILATES instructor course while working full-time.

Kay’s mission with Pilates is simple: she wants to reach as many people as possible and help them find focus and feel great about their bodies, no matter what their age or lifestyle or how much experience they have, so that the next time someone bumps into them at work, they're the ones that are glowing.

Ready to take the journey with her?


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