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Fully certified STOTT PILATES® Instructor

Matwork/Reformer/ Cadillac/ Chair/ Barrels/ Injuries & Special Populations/ Pre-Post Natal

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Sonia studied fine arts at Barcelona University, specialising in conservation and restoration of artistic objects. She had worked many years as a restorer until the day she casually came across Pilates through a colleague during a restoration campaign. It was love at first sight.

Sonia found in Pilates the way to successfully treat some physical problems and injuries, and a perfect workout to prepare herself to continue dancing without suffering anymore injuries.

In 2014 she got the first STOTT PILATES certification in Matwork and began to work at “Dona 10”, a well-known Pilates studio in Barcelona. In 2017 she became a fully certified STOTT PILATES instructor. Sonia is also a belly dance performer and teacher, being the co-director of the Alma Gawazy Belly Dance Company based in Barcelona. In 2019 she moved to Berlin, her beloved city, and she currently works as a Pilates instructor and belly dance teacher.

“I started practising Pilates and my body changed completely. I learned how to move freely without injuring myself, I got the consciousness to use my body more efficiently and the most important thing was that I learned to release my fears and my limitations and I could understand that we are made to move, no matter the physical problems we have and no matter the result you get in a test. All we need is to have the proper knowledge about our own body and how it functions.”

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