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Studio Manager


Victor was born in São Paulo, where he lived for most of his life. Prompted by curiosity and an interest in human stories, he pursued an education in journalism, with specialisations in “new journalism” and cinema.

Victor has worked as a press officer for the São Paulo State, as a reporter for newspapers, as a content writer and editor for news websites as well as a director, screenwriter and producer in independent film projects.

In 2018 he moved to Berlin, where he acted as a producer for a news agency for nearly four years. It was also in Berlin where he reconnected with his long neglected passion for outdoor sports.

Victor then took a new career path and merged his efforts with his life partner Deborah to act as studio manager and further expand Berliner Pilates. The decision came naturally as Deborah’s aims and beliefs perfectly matched his own.

“I strongly believe in sport and movement as being forces of change in habit and wellbeing. My favourite physical activities are skateboarding, long distance cycling and running outdoors. At 35 years old, during the pandemic, I started running and am grateful for the sport and its discipline for helping me find purpose, fitness and mental strength in difficult times. I ran my first, and certainly not last, official marathon in October 2022.”

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