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Individual Pilates sessions are specifically tailored according to your own personal needs to improve weak areas and connections of your body, build healthy movement habits and core strength.


Each session is part of a motivating and effective program utilising a wide array of Pilates techniques and equipment, and carefully designed to help you achieve your goals.


With the Pilates approach to a balanced body it's not necessary to do scores of mindless and repetitive exercises to achieve results.


One precisely executed Pilates session is worth more than several hours at the gym. Afterwards, you'll feel invigorated, not exhausted!

Other benefits:

  • correct posture

  • take a conscious control of your body

  • relieve stress and tension

  • avoid injury

  • relieve neck and back pain

  • improve flexibility, agility,muscular endurance and coordination

  • lead over all an active and independent life well into your senior years

Interested? To book a personal training session, please write us on

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